Our experts clear away the confusion by providing a complete "how to" service which includes:

  • Evaluating your need for an agreement
  • Planning, negotiating and obtaining an agreement
  • Drafting the agreement
  • Lodgement
  • Securing approval
  • Managing successful implementation
  • Managing any changes
  • Strategic advice

With our experience in all forms of agreements we can advise you on the type of agreement which best suits your needs, whether it's an ITEA (Individual Transitional Employment Agreement), employee collective agreement, union agreement, state or federal.

We have helped thousands of employers make changes to their workplaces through agreements. These have included large and small employers with union and non-union workplaces.

The agreements we have put in place vary widely from simple documents setting out changes to pay and conditions to significant and long-term workplace reform.

Our overriding objective is to remove problems and provide a closer match between employment practices and business strategies.

Key Features

  • Tailored solutions for employers of all sizes
  • Complete service for each step of the agreement process
  • Closer match between employment practices and business strategies
  • Experience in all forms of agreements
  • Liaising on your behalf with government departments