Now expert consulting advice is within the financial means of every employer.

  • HR Consulting:

    Developing and implementing policies and systems to attract, reward and retain the right people. Succession planning, change management, outsourcing and remuneration issues.

  • Recruiting and inducting employees

    Job descriptions, advertisements, employment contracts, recruitment policies and induction programs.

  • Developing employee manuals and critical employee policies

    Employment policies, company handbooks, warning and termination policies and correspondence.

  • Managing workplace health and safety

    Compliance audits, developing policies, risk assessment and management, safety procedures, induction programs, inspections and 'working from home' checklists.

  • Workers compensation

    Advising on how to reduce premiums, injury and claims management, advice on managing a claim and dealing with your insurer.

  • Unfair dismissal, discrimination and harassment

    Strategies to minimise exposure to claims, prevention programs, representation when faced with a claim.

  • Redundancy and Retrenchment

    Managing the whole process, negotiating redundancy agreements, and representation.

  • Unions in your workplace

    Strategic and ongoing IR advice, representation on-site and in the tribunals.

  • Workplace productivity improvement

    Developing and implementing productivity and quality improvement programs.

  • Presentations

    Facilitate and present at workshops on a host of topics including team building, strategic planning, WH&S, etc.