• The AFEI Hotline is AFEI's telephone advisory service specially for employers. Our phones are staffed by our professional team of industrial relations, human resources, employment and payroll specialists who understand employers' needs and concerns.
  • The Hotline is designed to be used with this website, which has detailed information, explanation of issues and resources specifically for employers as well as our AFEI modern award services. Please be mindful that we do not provide written advice over the Hotline and our responses are based on the information you provide to us. AFEI Legal Pty Limited or the consultancy services offered through AFEI can provide these additional services to members on request.
  •  The Hotline is available for AFEI subscribers every business day excluding NSW public holidays, 52 weeks of the year. Subscribers can call whenever they like, for as long as it takes to solve the problem.

 For more about the AFEI Hotline, contact us on: 02 9264 2000.