Award Reviews


AFEI's Employers Award Service provides everything from representing and protecting our members' interests when awards are made and varied by the Fair Work Commission to providing copies of awards and ensuring you are kept up to date with award requirements. These are also available in an easy-to-access electronic format.

The Employers Award Service is made possible by our employment and industrial relations experts who:

  • Analyse union applications and Fair Work Commission proposals for changes in awards
  • Consult with members
  • Develop strategies
  • Handle all of the Fair Work Commission proceedings
  • Advise members about what's happened and what’s coming up

Our Employers Hotline is available to members explaining which awards apply, how to interpret them and how to make them work in a practical way.

Reviews of Modern Awards

AFEI was actively involved in the 2008- 2010 award modernisation process, in the 2012 modern award review and now in the ever ongoing  2014 four year review. We make submissions on members' behalf, appear at consultation sessions and made further presentations so that your views are represented at each stage of the process.

We put forward propositions on the appropriate coverage and content of awards. We identify specific features in draft awards or variations to awards which increase costs for employers or present other problems. We have argued that for each award, the Fair Work Australia should consider in detail what provisions will cost employers, their operative effect and the adverse impact they may have on job creation.

Once modern awards became operative, we have sought variations to those awards where provisions were unworkable and costly, or in need of clarity.

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