AFEI's role in Award Modernisation

AFEI has continuously represented member interests in modern awards throughout 2008 and 2009. No other employer body has been as intensively involved in as many modern awards, as our membership extends across most industries and occupations. Consequently we had extensive discussions with our members and affiliated associations to assess the impact of specific award provisions, frequent appearances before the Commission in Sydney and Melbourne and made over 200 written submissions about the effect of modern awards on our members’ operations.

This level of involvement has provided AFEI with a specialised understanding of the operation and coverage of modern Awards in the new Fair Work industrial relations system.

What we did throughout the process

We put forward our propositions on the appropriate coverage and content of modern awards. Once the exposure draft award was published, we identified the specific features in the draft awards that will increase costs for employers or present other problems. We argued that for each award, the AIRC should consider in detail what the new provisions will cost employers, their operative effect and the adverse impact they may have on job creation.

Please contact us to discuss your modern awards and how they are to be applied in your workplace.

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AFEI Submissions