Essential skills for success

Recognise and Build Emotional Intelligence



Managers play an important role in developing and maintaining relationships in internal and external environments and recognising the impact of their own and other's emotions on the team is an important facet in relationship management.


Who should attend

Team leaders and managers who use their initiative and judgement to organise the work of the team.



Price: $410.00

Handling Customer Complaints Professionally



Do you dislike dealing with upset, unhappy or angry clients? Is resolving client complaints part of your role? Then this course is for you!  Handling customer complaints successfully is critical in business.  We all know that complaining customers are an opportunity, however, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it!

This course will provide essential skills to help be more effective in handling difficult client situations. The course includes discussions, exercises and step-by-step methods.


Price: $290.00

Business Writing Skills



This course is designed to assist those staff wishing to improve their written skills. This includes, but is not limited to, writing reports, policies, procedures and instructional documents such as manuals. This practical course provides maximum opportunity for the development of skills and applications in document design and presentation.


Who should attend

Price: $380.00